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Song of the Moment / Psywar – MAYHEM

Mayhem cover
BlackMetalWarfareIt may look like spring outside, but only bleak winter winds will reign tonight in the Rickshaw Theatre when Mayhem takes the stage.
Norway’s black metal gods will be co-headlining with Watain and supported by Edmonton’s Revenge, taking Vancouver by storm as part of the Black Metal Warfare 2015 North American Tour.
Originally formed in 1984, Mayhem has been far more metal for far longer than most can claim – they are true forefathers of today’s metal scene. The desolate fury encompassed in their music has inspired legions, spreading the legacy of Norwegian black metal far and wide.
Tonight, that legacy will grace the Rickshaw’s stage – prepare for the assault by streaming “Psywar,” from Mayhem’s 2014 release, Esoteric Warfare (left), as Not Your Scene’s Song of the Moment.

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