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Song of the Moment / Long Way Home – Black Wizard

Black Wizard  |  Photo © Taylor Ferguson

Black Wizard | Photo © Taylor Ferguson

The Not Your Scene team had a fantastic time at Black Wizard‘s summer tour kick-off show at Bully’s Studios, where we filmed our favourite Black Wiz video (below). Additionally, the Bully’s crew recorded audio of the whole set, and Black Wizard has now released their live performance on cassette tape!
Check out the track “Long Way Home” as our Song of the Moment (left)… This whole tape is an excellent way to reminisce on the whole shindig, or if you missed it, to hear what it was like to be there! Recorded by Michael Kraushaar, with layout by Sab Kay, and photography by our own Taylor Ferguson, this tape is a necessary instalment for the dashboard of your ride, though the cassette won’t be leaving the tape deck all summer.
Stream Live @ Bully’s Tape by Black Wizard in the left column.
Check out our video of the track “Eliminator,” from the same show, below!


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