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Song Of The Moment / Horns of War – RORSCHACH (Victoria, BC)


Sound the horns! The gravedigger croons not a lamentable tale, but the rise of Victoria’s Rorschach, who returned to action last weekend, bringing their hard-hittin’, fuzz-driven fury.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Schach, no ink-blot test is necessary. This triumvirate is stone-cold rock ‘n’ roll with crunchy grooves, sonic textures, and harmonies galore; lyrically they question the destructive nature of humankind (with its finger on the pulse of the doomsday clock).

Enough of the superfluous descriptors, here’s a dig from their self-titled release.

And in case you missed it, Rorschach just tore up Logan’s Pub with Freedom Pony, Rugged Uncle on January 24th. One can only hope the stars align, and the moonshine spills over once more for another ‘Schach sesh – real soon.

-By Peter Smith

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